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Super73 RX: Top-tier e-bike can tackle any roads

High performance and a very comfortable ride.

Logan Moy
5 min read

The Super73 RX is the flagship model from an iconic e-bike brand. If you're into electric bikes, you've most likely heard of Super73. Its motorcycle-inspired designs are really popular and the RX is its top-of-the-line bike with most features. I had a chance to ride it around for a few weeks while my car was in the shop and got to experience first-hand how it holds up as a car replacement.

The frame

Jesse Orrall/Roadshow

The RX is not considered a cheap e-bike by any means. Coming in at $3,495, it's a premium electric bike with a lot of great features both for city and off-road riding.

The frame on the RX is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and comes in two colors: Carmine Red and Rhino Gray. It really pulls off the motorcycle look with the battery mounted on top like a gas tank, along with the dual-tube design. It's very sturdy and can support riders up to 325 pounds.

As cool as it looks though, it's also attractive to thieves. The thick frame makes it more difficult to use a standard U-lock. You need to lean it against whatever you're securing it to and risk scratching the paint job in the process.

There's mounting points all over the frame, but there aren't many accessories available on Super73's website to take advantage of them. The Super73 community is strong, however, so there are many third-party accessories out there. If I was going to buy one, I would definitely want a saddle bag or other storage to carry my belongings.

Performance and range

Jesse Orrall/Roadshow

Where the RX really shines is its performance. The hub motor is capable of outputting up to 2,000 watts of peak power. There are four different ride modes depending on how fast you want it to max out at. By default it's set to class-2 mode, which goes up to 20 mph, but I spent my time with it set to Unlimited.

You should definitely familiarize yourself with your local laws regarding e-bikes, so you know where you're allowed to ride and what the speed limits are. I do my best to obey the speed limits, but there are times when I ride on the streets where I actually feel safer going faster. Here in Los Angeles, we don't have many streets with bike lanes, so there may be times when I have to pull in front of a moving vehicle because there's not enough room on the shoulder. In those instances, I'm glad the RX has the ability to easily get up to 28 or even 30 mph to better match the flow of traffic.

The range depends on how and where you ride. Super73 estimates the 960 watt-hour battery goes 40-plus miles at 20 mph using the throttle only, and 75-plus miles using Eco pedal-assist mode. In my experience of using the throttle at 20-28 mph on fairly flat roads, I could ride for about 30-35 miles before needing to recharge. However, you definitely do notice a dip in performance as the battery loses its charge during a ride. The battery is removable if you need to take it with you and takes about 6-7 hours to fully charge.

The RX is a single-speed bike but there are four levels of pedal assist to control resistance, along with the four ride modes for limiting your speed, all of which can be set using the controller on the left handlebar. It has a subtle LCD display to show your speed, distance and remaining battery. However, if that's not large enough for you, the RX can also connect to the Super73 app to use as a display if you mount your phone on the handlebars.

For stopping power, the RX features hydraulic disc brakes that are very responsive and great for slowing you down at higher speeds. It also has a bright, 600-lumen headlight and an extremely loud horn that I wouldn't subject anyone on a bike path to. It is great for getting the attention of cars on the road though.

The suspension system is impressive, with an inverted coil spring fork with air assist in front and a coilover piggyback mono shock in back. That, along with the thick, 5-inch wide fat tires makes the bike feel almost indestructible. It's fully equipped to handle the roughest of city streets and muddiest of dirt trails.

Just be careful of how much mud it can kick up on you. The small mud guards don't do much to protect you there.


Jesse Orrall/Roadshow

As comfortable as the RX is to ride, it's not that comfortable to pedal. Because Super73s are meant to look like motorcycles, the seat is low at 32 inches and can't be adjusted so a tall person, like me, isn't able to get proper leg extension on the small pedals and cranks. Fortunately the seat is long and comfortable enough for me to sit back, so that pedaling is still possible for accelerating and helping get up steep hills, which is all you really need it for.

The push throttle does take away from the motorcycle aesthetics. It's a little difficult to keep steady on bumpy roads and makes my thumb sore after a while. I would prefer a twist throttle to complete the motorbike look.

Who the Super73 RX is for

If you're buying a Super73 because of its design and for a motorbike experience that doesn't require insurance or registration, the RX has a lot to offer. It can be great for commuting but can also tear up the trails on the weekend.

I had a lot of fun with the RX, and I actually feel more safe riding it on the street than I have any other e-bike I've ever ridden so far. It's powerful enough to keep up with traffic and capable of handling just about any road conditions.

It's a great option for those that have the budget and a garage to store one, but may not suit the lifestyle of someone living in an apartment with stairs. It may not provide the flexibility to pedal comfortably like other e-bikes, but as a car replacement, it's a lot of fun for getting you from A to B.