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Subaru's Tokyo auto show lineup

CNET Car Tech posts photos of Subaru's Tokyo auto show lineup.

2008 Subaru WRX STi
Click here for photos of the Subaru Tokyo auto show lineup. Subaru

We've seen press releases and photos heralding Nissan's, Suzuki's, and Mitsubishi's car lineups for the upcoming Tokyo auto show, and now Subaru showed full details of what it will bring to the floor. Car enthusiasts will be eager to get a look at the new WRX STi, which will hopefully reinject a little fun into the disappointing 2008 WRX. Subaru also has a couple of interesting concepts to show off: the all-electric G4e and the Exiga seven-passenger touring car. Look for our blog and photos from the Tokyo auto show starting October 24.

Click here for pictures of Subaru's lineup.