Subaru's hot new STI S208 can only be purchased via lottery

Only 450 units will be available, and you can bet your bottom that demand will be higher than the supply.

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Subaru STI S208

Two years ago, Subaru unveiled its hopped-up STI S207 at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. For this year's Tokyo show, Subaru has something even better in store.

The S208 builds on the success of the S207 from two years ago. The formula doesn't change too much, but Subaru made sure to include improvements to the car's performance, and its center of gravity is a bit lower, as well.

Subaru STI S208
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Subaru STI S208

It doesn't look all that different from the standard STI, but it'll blow your doors off just a little bit faster than the rest.


Under the hood is a modified version of the Japanese STI's 2.0-liter flat-four engine, putting out about 324 horsepower -- US models are still using the old 2.5-liter H4. A paddle on the steering wheel lets the owner spray the intercooler with a temperature-reducing mist. As with the S207 before it, the S208 features a faster steering rack, torque vectoring, Bilstein dampers and Brembo brakes.

If that's not enough for you, there's a NBR Challenge package that pays homage to Subaru's efforts on the Nürburgring. This package adds 19-inch BBS aluminum wheels, a dry-carbon roof and wing, as well as black door mirrors. The standard S208 is available in blue or white, but you can get the kitted-out S208 in an interesting cool grey khaki shade, too.

Only 450 of these cars will be built -- 100 base units, and 350 units with the NBR Challenge package. If demand goes beyond the number of vehicles in production, everyone will be thrust into a lottery system to figure out who gets one.

As you might expect with a limited-edition car, the S208 isn't cheap. While a base STI starts at ¥3,866,400 (roughly $34,000) in Japan, the S208 starts at a hefty ¥5,800,000 ($51,000), with a fully optioned-out model landing at ¥6,580,000 ($58,000).

Subaru S208 is the latest in STI's forbidden fruit

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