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Toshi Oku

Black and yellow, black and yellow: Subaru's BRZ Series.Yellow special edition

Subaru really loves special editions centered on singular paint colors.

Non-flashy people need not apply.


After Toyota took command of Scion, it announced the FRS (now the 86) would be sticking around. Even better, it'll receive a refresh with a bit more hustle and a visual update. Subaru's following suit with its twin, the BRZ, but it's one-upping Toyota by also releasing a monochromatic special edition.

Just like the Series.HyperBlue, the BRZ Series.Yellow will focus on just a single paint color -- I'll let you guess which one. In addition to its bright hue, the Series.Yellow BRZ features several performance upgrades, including Brembo calipers (front) and brake discs (front and rear), Sachs shock absorbers and unique 17-inch alloy wheels.

Additional visual flare includes black badging and exterior mirrors, black leather and Alcantara upholstery, seats with an embroidered yellow BRZ logo and yellow stitching on several parts of the interior, including the door panels, seats, steering wheel, shift boot and dashboard.

The other 2017-model-year changes are still present and accounted for. Drivers will notice a mild power bump (to 205 horsepower), a lower final drive ratio and "Sport" mode renamed to "Track." Subaru unveiled the car at the Wicked Big Meet this past weekend, but it won't arrive at dealers until 2017. Only 500 Series.Yellow cars will be made, and pricing has not yet been announced.

2017 Subaru BRZ Series Yellow

If Bumblebee weren't already a Camaro, Michael Bay would want to think long and hard about using this little guy instead.

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