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Subaru lays out its electrification roadmap, hybrids and EVs take the lead

By the first half of 2030, every single Subaru will be electrified, according to the automaker's plans.

No surprise here with this announcement.

Michael Shaffer/Subaru

Electrification. If the word was thrown around often in the 2010s, prepare to hear a lot more of it this decade as automakers continue work into cutting vehicle emissions. Subaru is the latest to share its future roadmap and, not surprisingly, we're going to see way more electrified models.

On Tuesday, Subaru said during a briefing it aims to sell only electrified cars by the mid-2030s. Please, for the love of god, note the word "electrification." It does not mean Subaru will only sell electric cars, but also hybrids, plug-in hybrids and likely some models with a mild 48-volt hybrid system.

In addition to the mid-2030s goal, the Japanese automaker said it will work to make 40% of the vehicles it sells around the world electric vehicles or hybrids. That statement sheds light on the kind of powertrains we'll see from Subaru in the near future. Today, the brand only sells a single plug-in hybrid in the US, the Crosstrek Hybrid, and it's not offered across the nation at that. In Europe, there are more hybrid applications, however.

Through these goals, and other doings, the automaker declared it will reduce wheel-to-wheel CO2 from all new vehicles by 90% come 2050. The reference point will be 2010 CO2 levels from new vehicles, which is a dramatic decrease.

While we don't have Subaru's crystal ball to see what exactly it has planned, a lot more hybrids is the smartest guess. In addition, Subaru has also previously confirmed a partnership with Toyota to develop an electric SUV model. Both automakers will sell a version, and each will provide their engineering expertise in the project.

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