Subaru's already done taking orders for the 2022 BRZ

Order books are closed. If you want a 2022 BRZ, you'll need to find one at your local dealer.

You'll need to work with a dealer now, if you want one this year.
Andrew Krok/Roadshow

You missed your chance if you wanted to put in a specific order for a 2022 Subaru BRZ. On Friday, Subaru confirmed with Roadshow that its entire sold order allotment is filled. The news first made its way to the FT86 Club forum last week.

"The sold order allotment was met but customers can go to a Subaru retailer to purchase a 2022 BRZ," a spokesperson said. Subaru did not comment further when asked if higher-than-expected demand or supply-chain woes may hurt production of the sports car this year.

Full order books for the 2022 BRZ means anyone who didn't place a specific order with the carmaker will need to scour for one at local dealerships. Amid today's wild new-car market, that could prove difficult, to say the least. And dealership markups seem all but certain for a new sports car like the BRZ, unfortunately.

We're still quite some time out from the car actually arriving at dealerships and in the hands of owners who did get an order in. The car arrives this coming fall. That makes the order books closing this early so remarkable, considering the previous-generation car hardly sold like hot cakes. It could be that Subaru is expecting to build far fewer of them this year amid supply-chain hiccups left and right.

But, when it does land, the car should appease those looking for an affordable, fun-to-drive coupe. Our staff's had a couple cracks at it, and each time, it left editors smitten