Netflix is bringing Hawkins, Indiana to LA with Stranger Things: A Drive-Into Experience

The attraction will take over several buildings in downtown Los Angeles and transport participants into the world of Stranger Things.

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Soon you and your friends can (hopefully wearing masks and in separate vehicles) enter the world of Stranger Things in a new drive-through experience in Los Angeles.


Coronavirus may have delayed Stranger Things' much-anticipated fourth season, but that doesn't mean you can't get your weird '80s sci-fi fix this year -- so long as you live in or around Los Angeles.

Netflix announced its Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience on Thursday, and it will take groups of 24 cars through some of the biggest and creepiest hotspots in Hawkins (and the Upside Down), starting in October.

"So buckle up like Billy is driving, keep your eyes on the neon lights, and steer clear of the shadows because there's no telling who or what you might come across in Downtown Los Angeles this October. Whatever you do, don't get out of your car," said Greg Lombardo, head of experiences at Netflix, in a statement.

The attraction will be held in downtown Los Angeles. It will feature live performances, special effects and more -- think of it as a cross between the Water World experience at Universal Studios, a theatre performance and maybe an automated car wash? We asked Netflix for clarification on this but didn't hear back in time for publication.

Ticket prices start at $59 per car, and there is currently a waitlist for ticket sales, which are set to begin on August 26 at noon Pacific. Interestingly, Netflix makes mention that a variety of packages will be available, but it's not yet clear what the prices are for those or what exactly they include.

Now we just have to find the perfect, period-correct 1980s ride to take through this thing.

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