Stellantis partners with Amazon for next-gen STLA SmartCockpit

Amazon Web Services will also provide cloud services and help accelerate engineering initiatives.

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"Alexa, get me the heck out of this ravine!"


Stellantis, the multinational parent corporation for over a dozen global automotive brands, and software and logistics giant Amazon announced an extensive partnership this morning at CES 2022. The two companies will collaborate on Stellantis' next-generation STLA SmartCockpit and, behind the scenes, work closely together on cloud data solutions and training the next-generation of automotive developers and engineers.

We'll see the first fruits of Stellantis and Amazon's joint labor when the STLA SmartCockpit reaches Stellantis vehicles globally in 2024. The automaker tells us that this new digital platform will be deeply integrated with the cloud -- powered by Amazon Web Services -- and with drivers' digital lives. Expect Alexa-enabled voice assistance for vehicle and smart home ecosystems, AI enhancements that customize the interface based on your habits, web-connected upgrades to features like navigation or managing vehicle maintenance, as well as integration with ecommerce and payment services.

In addition to Amazon-branded products and services, Stellantis will build its own brand and vehicle-specific apps for the STLA SmartCockpit.

"STLA SmartCockpit will adapt to customers' behaviors and interests, wherever their passions take them, from the start of a journey at home, on the road or off," the automaker's release postulates. "For example, vehicles could offer a family-trip planner that recommends media content, points of interest, restaurants and other fun stops along the route. vehicles could come with a digital off-road 'coach' to help customers calibrate the vehicle and optimize performance before tackling tough terrain."

2022 Jeep Wagoneer
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2022 Jeep Wagoneer

Many current Stellantis vehicles already feature some integration with Amazon services.


Amazon also brings its expertise in smart home and security services to the table, allowing the STLA SmartCockpit to integrate with Alexa-enabled home devices or smartphone apps. Stellantis gives the examples of using Alexa skills to precondition the cabin of an EV before a trip, schedule a service appointment or order vehicle parts and accessories. "Alexa, order a big ol' lift kit for my Jeep?" Maybe.

Backstage, Amazon Web Services will work with Stellantis as the preferred provider for the data crunching and cloud services needed to power all of this new tech. AWS will help the automaker streamline and optimize its current data pipeline and help accelerate the development of new digital products and services for Stellantis' 15 global brands. To that end, the companies are developing a cloud-based development environment called the Virtual Engineering Workbench that will automate portions of the software development and machine-learning training processes.

In addition to training digital machines, AWS and Stellantis will also work together to train the next generation of Stellantis engineers, developers, co-launching a new digital curriculum called the Agile-auto Software and Data Academy which will help more than 5,000 existing and new employees get up to speed on software, data and cloud technologies by 2024. A global network of AWS-powered Innovation Hubs will also launch around the same time, allowing Stellantis and AWS experts to come together to speed development and innovation.

Stellantis and Amazon weren't exactly strangers before today. The automaker has collaborated with Amazon before. It integrated Amazon Fire TV into the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer and, soon, the Chrysler Pacifica and many of its current global fleet support some form of integration with the Alexa voice assistant.