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Spyker brand set to return in 2022 like a zombie

The Dutch sports car maker that once owned Saab will give things another go and try to build cars again this year.

Spyker C8
Back again.

Hey, look who's back again: It's Spyker. According to a release this past Friday, a Russian investor group led by Michael Pessis and Boris Rotenberg will revive the Dutch sports car maker with a dotted history.

Spyker came to life in 1999 but was plagued with bankruptcies, most recently in January 2021. (It also owned Saab for a short period if time, if you don't recall.) This investment group reached an agreement with Spyker to bring it back to life again. Early plans call for production of carbon fiber bodies in Russia, engineering teams in Germany and Russia and final assembly back in the Netherlands, which Spyker called home for many years.

If all goes according to the ambitious plan, Spyker will once again build hand-made sports cars. And not just a single model. The investment group plans to bring the C8 Preliator to production alongside a D8 Peking-to-Paris SUV and the B6 Venator. The C8 Preliator was one of the final vehicles Spyker showed before it truly dropped off the map again back in 2017. The D8 Peking-to-Paris may be some sort of modernized version of the old D12 concept shown back in 2006. The B6 Venator was also meant for production once upon a time in 2013, but that never materialized either.

But, starting next year, all three are back on the table. Spyker only built 265 road cars during its periods of financial stability, and its new owners are eager to increase that tally. And every car will retain a V8 engine, Pessis and Rotenberg said. Hybrids are in the cards, but Spyker's new parents want the internal-combustion engine to be a big part of the Dutch car brand.