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Sony Honda Mobility Teases EV Ahead of CES-Adjacent Preview

The joint venture hopes to start deliveries in the US in early 2026.

Some teasers are meant to give the public a better idea of what to expect from an upcoming vehicle. Other teasers can feel more like proofs of concept, letting ordinary folks know that a company means business and intends to see something through to its inevitable conclusion. Considering how far over the horizon the first product from Sony Honda Mobility is, this specific teaser falls more into the latter category.

Sony Honda Mobility this week put out its first teaser for its upcoming joint-venture electric car. Showing very little -- and I mean very little -- perhaps the most important part of the teaser is the headline, which says, "See you in Las Vegas on January 4, 2023." That's the day before CES 2023 kicks off in Las Vegas, so it appears we'll get to see even more of what these two companies have in store ahead of the largest tech trade show in the world.

In addition to the teaser, Sony Honda Mobility sent out a press release that gives us a little more information about what to expect from this tag-teamed project. The JV hopes to have pre-orders established for its electric vehicle in the first half of 2025, with sales to follow in the latter half of that year, although the US will likely have to wait until the beginning of 2026 for deliveries. The company appears to be focusing on online sales, and there's an interesting sentence in the release about how Sony Honda Mobility wants customers to "take part in the product development process," whatever that means. The car will be produced at Honda's facilities in North America.

Sony Honda Mobility hasn't shied away from mentioning its desire to bring subscription entertainment services into its vehicle, which is far closer to Sony's bread and butter than cars, and it appears the joint venture is still aiming to lean heavily on that angle. In its release, the company also mentions that it wants its vehicle to come equipped with Level 3 conditional automated driving, in addition to offering less sophisticated Level 2 tech (think GM's Super Cruise) across multiple environments, including urban driving.

Honda and Sony signed a joint-venture agreement in early 2022, setting the stage for Sony's first major foray into the automobile industry. Both companies will bring different things to the table; Honda will focus on manufacturing and mobility development, while Sony will lean on its strengths in sensors, imaging, networking and entertainment.