SnowRunner the mudding sim hits PC and consoles next month

The sequel to one of the greatest driving games of the past five years is just over a month away. We have all the details thanks to a lengthy new trailer.

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Tim Stevens
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Co-op muddin'? Yes, please.

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The most realistic driving game on the current generation of consoles isn't part of the Forza series, it isn't in the Project Cars franchise or even Gran Turismo. No, it's a little game called MudRunner, a title that is as slow-paced and calming as it is occasionally infuriating. It's a truly great game and I'm happy to say that its sequel is nearly upon us.

SnowRunner will take gamers to new areas and, more important, new climates. Like before, the challenge will be traversing seemingly impossible terrain, littered with mud and rocks and all sorts of unpleasantness. New this time will be snow and ice. River-crossings were always among the trickiest challenges in the previous games. Adding uncertain ice to the mix should make things even more interesting.

SnowRunner maps will take place in three regions: Alaska and Michigan in the US, plus Taymir in Russia. Across the multiple maps in each region players will have to make increasingly unwieldy deliveries without getting stuck or damaging the cargo.

Vehicles range from a SUT to an eight-wheeled GAZ 59037 and even what appears to be a lifted Lada Niva. New this time, players can customize their vehicles with everything from chains to snorkels to suit the terrain. And personalization will be extra-important thanks to the four-player co-op multiplayer.

As someone who personally spent hours slogging timber through the wilds of MudRunner, I'm eagerly awaiting this new entry to the franchise. SnowRunner hits on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on April 28. You can preorder it through the links below.