Smart is sending the combustion-powered ForTwo off with a 21-car salute

The ForTwo Final Collector's Edition is being built by Brabus and styled by Konstantin Grcic.

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Smart's Final Collector's Edition isn't for everyone, but it's definitely unique and probably at least a little fun.


Smart may be dead in the US after this model year, but that doesn't mean it's quitting elsewhere. In fact, the brand is celebrating its 21 years as a company before it switches over entirely to electric powertrains by producing 21 special combustion-powered cars as a final send-off, according to a press release published on Tuesday.

This limited-edition Smart is called the Final Collector's Edition by Konstantin Grcic, and Daimler's press release says that they're only for the most "ardent collectors." Honestly, we've never met any ardent Smart car collectors, but we're sure there are some somewhere.

The Final Collector's Edition cars are being built in cooperation with Brabus and are due to enter production in August of this year. Daimler leaves a lot of details out of its announcement, but we'll assume Brabus' involvement means that this car will share similar specs to the German tuner's Ultimate 125 version of the .

This would mean that the Smart would make 123 metric horsepower from its three-cylinder turbocharged engine and around 174 pound-feet of torque. The only transmission on offer is an automatic unit with paddle shifters which. Daimler doesn't offer any pricing, but we're guessing it's going to charge a pretty penny since it used the words "ardent" and "collectors" when talking about prospective buyers. We're also going to assume that Mr. Grcic's involvement doesn't come cheaply.

If the name Konstantin Grcic doesn't ring any bells, he's a German industrial designer who is best known for designing geometric, minimal furniture. His contribution to the Smart FCE is seen in the jagged color transition from yellow to black on the exterior and some of the finer accents of the interior.

Smart's ForTwo Final Collector's Edition is a 21-car love letter to its ICE-powered past

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