Smart Electric Drive gets 'EQ' rebrand

As Smart's lineup goes completely electric in the United States, the brand positions itself within Mercedes' EQ family of EVs.

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Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Cabriolet
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Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Cabriolet

A cure for ED: Smart will now call this the EQ ForTwo Cabrio, putting it in the larger Mercedes-Benz EQ family of electric vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz USA

Remember how we told you Mercedes would bring a production-ready EQ model to Geneva? Well, it wasn't a lie. Technically.

Smart is rebranding its Electric Drive models to fall under parent company Mercedes' new EQ family of vehicles. The unfortunately named Smart ED models (come on, you know why) will now be called Smart EQ ForTwo and Smart EQ ForFour, the latter of which, of course, is not sold in the United States.

"With the Smart EQ ForTwo/ForFour, we are putting the first products from the Cars EQ family on urban roads and showing how much fun electric mobility can be," Dr. Annette Winkler, CEO of Smart, said in a press release.

The Smart EQ ForTwo is certainly a niche product here in the US, with its low electric range and relatively high price point. Aside from its nomenclature shift, the electric Smart carries over unchanged, though the company is debuting a special NightSky edition at the Geneva Motor Show this week.

As for the Mercedes-Benz half of EQ, a fully electric car is expected to launch in the coming years. The company showed the original EQA Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, and the upcoming production car is expected to be kinda-sorta like that. All we know is, we won't see it this week in Geneva.

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