Skully demonstrates GPS, rear-view camera in motorcycle helmet

GPS, digital audio, and hands-free phone systems have become common in cars, but motorcycles have largely been left behind. Now, Skully integrates these features and more in a new motorcycle helmet.

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Skully P1 motorcycle helmet
Skully Helmets
Skully P1 motorcycle helmet
The Skully P1 looks to be the most high-tech motorcycle helmet around. Skully Helmets

Using GPS on a motorcycle usually involves looking down at a portable navigation device on the handlebars, but Skully Helmets wants to update that experience. The company developed the Skully P1 motorcycle helmet, which gives riders a heads-up display and integrates not only GPS, but a rear-view camera, hands-free phone system, and voice command.

According to Skully's press materials, the display is not in the rider's primary field of vision, and appears as if it were floating 6 meters ahead.

The helmet runs a modified version of the Android operating system, which comes loaded with navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. With the helmet paired to a smartphone through Bluetooth, the rider can use voice command to make phone calls and start music playback.

The heads-up display can also show the image from an integrated rear-view camera. Skully notes that this camera has a 180 degree field of vision, so the rider can also see when it is safe to change lanes.

Skully will show off the P1 helmet this week at the Demo 2013 conference in Santa Clara, Calif. The company did not say when the helmet would become available, or list a retail price.

Skully P1 motorcycle helmet
A heads-up display shows the rider turn-by-turn directions or the image from a rear-view camera. Skully Helmets