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Show Us Yours: Submit photos of your weekend ride

Have a weekend cruiser, project car or track-prepped racer? We want to feature it on Roadshow.

Manuel Flores/CNET

Welcome to Roadshow's first Show Us Yours, weekend ride edition. We've been featuring our readers' home theaters on CNET for years (click here to check out some of our Show Us Yours showcases), and now, we're shifting gears and bringing it over to Roadshow.

While there are limitless types of cars we can showcase in this series (ranging from muscle cars to lowered or lifted cars to Hot Wheels collections), we're kicking it off by putting together a gallery consisting of your weekend rides.


From Brian Cooley: My 1967 Mercury Cougar which I bought from the original owner 23 years ago. '67 was the high water mark for US car styling, in my opinion, and the Cougar doubles down on that by combining Mustang spirit with a dose of Lincoln comfort. 

Brian Cooley/Roadshow

So what exactly is a "weekend ride"? It's not your daily driver, but a car that you only drive on special occasions or take out for a spin on weekends. Send us pictures of your project car, your fun car, your motorcycle or even your track-prepped weekend racer.

If you have a special weekend car, take a photo (or four), fill out the form below and send 'em our way. Check out the gallery below of the photo submissions we've gathered so far, just to get an idea of how it works. A big thank-you to all the readers who have submitted photos, you rock!  We will continue to update the gallery as more people submit them, so check back often to see when your weekend ride has hit the gallery. We look forward to receiving your pictures!  

Here are some tips for submission:

  • The photos: At least one photo of your weekend driver -- and if it includes yourself in it, even better. Images need to be in horizontal (landscape) format, and each photo should not exceed 3MB in size. The higher the resolution, the better. You can submit up to four images.
  • Captions: For each photo you submit, write a few sentences about your ride and let us know what makes it special. Don't forget to tell us the year, make and model of your car.