Shelby GTE grants your Mustang a bit more hustle, way more panache

Available for both I4 and V8 models, you get a fair number of upgrades for the $18,000 it'll cost you.

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Shelby American

Modifying your car is a great way to give it a little extra kick and stand apart from the crowd. You can either go it alone, picking parts you like, or rely on a company to put a package together. The Shelby GTE takes the latter path, offering a wealth of upgrades for a sort-of-steep price.

Whether you opt for the four-cylinder Mustang EcoBoost or the V8-packin' Mustang GT, you can give Shelby $18,000 of your hard earned money and they'll give you a Shelby GTE loaded to the brim with parts, most of which are related to aesthetics. You do get a small power bump, though -- the EcoBoost's output rises from 310 horsepower to 335, and the GT's goes from 435 to 456. Those numbers aren't yet finalized, though.

Other than that, you're getting loaded up with all manner of Shelby-specific doodads. The exterior gets a new hood, grilles, rocker panels, spoilers and emblems, along with a relocation kit for your windshield wiper fluid nozzles for some reason. The interior gets a dash plaque, sill plates, head restraint covers, headrests and floor mats. You also get a little badge for the engine bay, because why not?

If that's not enough to whet your performance whistle, Shelby will gladly throw more crap onto the car for additional cash. You can add a supercharger, upgraded cooling systems, better suspension, different rear-end gearing and even carbon fiber body parts. The sky's the limit, to be honest. It just depends on how deep your wallet is, and how much you can't stand to have the same car as the next guy.

The package is available to order now, and it can be had with both coupes and convertibles, with either automatic or manual transmissions. Assembly will take place at Shelby American's facility in Las Vegas, or any number of Shelby-approved garages across the country.

The Shelby GTE is a decent way to spend $18,000 on your Mustang

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