'Rides' Genesis is an Apple fanboy's dream car

The Hyundai Genesis has barely reached showroom floors and it's already being tricked-out by customizers.

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Rides Hyundai Genesis interior
Apple products pack every nook and cranny of the Rides Genesis' interior. Hyundai Motors/Rides

The Mac Mini is particularly valued by automobile customizers, because its small size makes it easy to hide/integrate into a cramped vehicle interior. Hyundai Motor America and Rides Magazine have taken this idea to the next level by tossing darn-near the entire Apple Computer product line into the cabin of the new Hyundai Genesis, for display at the 2008 SEMA Show.

The Rides Genesis is truly an Apple fanboy's dream car, featuring two Mac Mini computers, a MacBook Air, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, high-speed Wi-Fi Internet connection, and movie theater-quality surround sound all integrated into the interior.

Within the center console will be the iPhone 3G, Mac Book Air laptop and wireless keyboard and mouse for the Mac Mini mounted on the rear deck. Each passenger in the back seat has their own computer with Internet connectivity. The 8.4-inch VGA headrest monitors are wrapped in the original leather to maintain the OE look and feel, while the seats contain suede accents. Back in the trunk, you'll find yet another Mac Mini, a 20-inch Apple Cinema Display, and a motorized tray for the mouse and keyboard.

The Rides Genesis is equipped with an in-car Wi-Fi connection that supplies high-speed Internet to the various onboard Mac computers, the iPhone, and the iPod Touch. The network will also be distributing 5,000 Rides Digital Genesis iTunes cards from the car's Wi-Fi network during the show.

Bone-stock Hyundai Genesis
The Genesis' already handsome exterior will be upgraded with new wheels, bodywork, and paint. Hyundai Motors America

"This Genesis perfectly suits the mobile executive, with multiple Mac computers and its own mobile Wi-Fi network," said Ben Harris, associate publisher, Rides. "All of the modifications complement the Genesis' natural attributes and emphasize the sleek look and luxury interior. We are looking forward to the SEMA show and displaying this amazing vehicle."

The upgrades continue outside of the cabin with 22-inch custom-made staggered fitment MHT three-piece wheels, Pirelli tires, custom-molded front body kit and side skirts, lowered suspension, and smoked headlights. Rides has added custom dual-tip stacked exhausts and a custom-molded rear bumper to the Genesis' already handsome exterior to accentuate the metallic silver and blue paint job.

We'll be bringing you more details and photos of the Rides Hyundai Genesis, and much more, as our coverage of the 2008 SEMA Show continues.