Renault built a 450-horsepower Zoe EV and it's gnarly

If only Nissan did the same with the Leaf.


It's always fun to see a traditionally pedestrian car that's been turned into some performance monstrosity. Renault's Zoe E-Sport concept is exactly that.

Utilizing technology gleaned from Renault's Formula E racing efforts, the Zoe E-Sport concept is ready to tear it up. Two electric motors provide nearly 460 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque. That's a far cry from the production model's sub-100 horsepower output.

Since EVs can get a little heavy, Renault whipped up a carbon fiber body that brings the curb weight down to just over 3,000 pounds. Combined with that bonkers power output, the Zoe E-Sport will hit 62 mph in 3.2 seconds, which is proper supercar territory.

3.2 seconds to 60 is monstrous.


It also looks the business, thanks to a matte blue paint job with yellow accents, as well as wheels with center-locking hubs -- nods to the Renault Formula E team. The doors open when you tap a certain spot on the door, and the windows are tinted beyond most legal limits.

The inside is radically different from the regular Zoe. The big center display is gone, and in its place is a clean dashboard with a few switches and vents that look rather sharp along the edges. There's a motorsport-inspired steering wheel and gauge cluster, too. It's all very racy -- or, at the least, it's way cooler than what the regular Zoe has inside.

Can you buy one? Nope. Will Renault ever make one? Nope. But there's nothing stopping you from grabbing a bunch of parts and making one yourself.