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Relive Le Mans '66 (sort of) with the Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition

This special-edition supercar relies entirely on aesthetic enhancements, as the car itself is already more than capable.

Expect plenty of hilarious number-two jokes from the neighborhood schoolchildren.


The new Ford GT isn't even on sale yet, and Ford's already going around creating special editions of the darn thing. It has good reason to, though -- if you didn't notice, the Ford GT won its class in its first Le Mans outing in decades, 50 years after its first-ever Le Mans victory. So, this special edition is actually, well, pretty special.

In honor of its 1966 victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Ford will built a limited number of its GT supercars in this '66 Heritage Edition getup. The changes are entirely aesthetic, starting with black paint (in either a gloss or matte finish), silver stripes and exposed carbon fiber. The 20-inch wheels are satin gold with black lug nuts.

As the winner of Le Mans '66 was the #2 GT (piloted by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon, if you're wondering), each Heritage Edition includes #2 graphics on the hood and door. There are also #2 markings on the interior door panels, as well as a serialized identification plate unique to this edition.

Inside, the seats, steering wheel, instrument panel and pillars are wrapped in black leather, and there are gold dressings on the instrument panel, flappy paddles and the seat's bracing. The seat belts rock blue webbing, and there's exposed matte carbon fiber on the doorsills and center console.

If you want to build your own Heritage Edition GT, as you're unlikely to secure one at this point, you can do that on Ford's GT configurator. The Heritage Edition is limited to 2017 GTs only, and will be produced in limited quantities. That said, if the car wins again at Le Mans 2017, there could very well be a successor.

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