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Refreshed 2017 Tesla Model S pokes its head out early

With pictures appearing online of new promotional materials, the automaker should be unveiling the redesigned car in the very near future.


Update, 11:15 a.m. Eastern: If you want to see the real deal, it's over here.

It's hard to keep a secret these days. Last week, insider sources told us that Tesla will be refreshing the electric Model S in the very near future, perhaps as early as this week. Now, the Internet's managed to find pictures of the refresh, and we like what we see.

Over in Reddit's /r/teslamotors subreddit, user alexeiw123 posted a picture of what purports to be a refreshed 2017 Model S. The picture, taken in Australia, shows a distinctly different face than what we're used to, with what appears to be upgraded headlights and a nose reminiscent of the Model X. Fred Lambert at Electrek also received a picture of what appears to be the same poster, but in a different location.

If Tesla's putting these pictures up in its stores, there's a good chance that the company will release its refresh this week. That said, many in the automotive media took Elon Musk at his word yesterday and wrote about how the Model X configurator would be made available to the public. As of this writing, that has not yet happened.

We wouldn't put it past Tesla to be screwing with the media for kicks at this point. But if this, in fact, is the new Model S, we're digging it and can't wait for official information.

Kinda hard to put the cat back in the bag now.