Range Rover SV Coupe is a $295,000 work of art with two doors

It might not look that different on the outside, but the inside makes the price seem a bit more worth it.

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Range Rover SV Coupe
Land Rover

Have you always wanted a Range Rover, but with two fewer doors, way fancier trimmings and a price tag that's typically reserved for cars you never see in real life? Well, today's your lucky day.

unveiled the Range Rover SV Coupe at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. As the name and the pictures suggest, it's basically a Range Rover but without the two rear doors. Heck, the wheelbase barely looks any different. But that's where the comparisons between a bone-standard Range Rover and the SV Coupe end, because the latter is a limited-edition work of art that's all about delivering the greatest amount of fancy stuff possible.

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Land Rover clearly took the Porsche approach to the SV Coupe. It took stuff away -- in this case, the doors -- and is charging customers a lot more.

Land Rover

Only the hood and lower tailgate are borrowed from the standard Range Rover. Every other aluminum body panel is brand new -- even the bumpers. There's also a fancy two-piece grille, handcrafted badges and real metal side vents. Since it's all about customization, paint choices are numerous: Eight satin or gloss colors, one with a "liquid metal" finish, four two-tone options and sixteen additional choices from the fancy-sounding SV Premium Palette.

The exterior might be fancy, but the interior is where you can tell most of your money is being spent. All four seats have been widened and deepened. The front seats are 20-way adjustable, and the rears have 10 different points of adjustment. The leather comes from a single 113-year-old tannery, and they're stitched into a very fancy diamond quilted pattern. Buyers can choose from four two-tone interior choices and four single-tone. There's a new wood veneer that sandwiches walnut and sycamore together, in case one type of expensive wood isn't enough. The wood extends to the steering wheel, door panels, center console, cargo floor and instrument panel.

Speaking of instrument panels, not much is different here. There's a 10-inch touchscreen that handles infotainment duties, a 10-inch screen for climate and vehicle settings, a 10-inch color head-up display and a 12-inch configurable gauge display. The standard audio system is a 1,700-watt, 23-speaker Meridian setup that will probably blow your (two) doors clean off.

Wondering about the engine? It's the same 5.0-liter supercharged V8 that Jaguar Land Rover will shove into every car it can, but this one has the wick turned up to 557 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. An eight-speed automatic is standard, as is permanent four-wheel drive (natch). It'll hit 60 mph in 5.0 seconds and keep going until it hits 165 mph, which makes it the fastest full-size Range Rover ever.

Pretty much everything comes standard, but there's one major option for the SV Coupe that you won't find on any other model -- the Care Package. This five-year package covers scheduled service and maintenance for that whole period, including "perishable" components like wiper blades, brake rotors and brake pads.

To be honest, considering the SV Coupe's stratospheric price tag, the Care Package should come standard. Only 999 will be hand-built at Land Rover's SVO Technical Center in the UK, and each will set its lucky owner back no less than $295,000. Time to cash in all that Dogecoin!

Range Rover SV Coupe looks exactly like you think it would

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