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Best Prime Day Deals on Electric Scooters: Take a Ride

Get some Prime deals on these wheels.

Joseph Kaminski Senior Associate Technology Editor / Reviews
When not juggling the dual demands of parenthood and playing basketball, Joseph is a life-long Manhattanite who can be found testing the latest tech in the CNET Labs and developing new benchmarks and testing methodologies.
Joseph Kaminski
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An electric scooter parked on the roadside at night with city skyline in the background.
Joseph Kaminski/CNET

Summer is here; what better way to get around than on an electric scooter? You can take in the sights and get some fresh air, they're easy to store, and riding one is environmentally friendly.

Here are some Prime Day deals on several popular micro-mobility brands.

Joseph Kaminski/CNET

The inMotion V11 is one of the few EUCs (electric unicycles) on the market with an air suspension. It's powered by a 2,200-watt motor and capable of a top speed of 35 mph.

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Joseph Kaminski/CNET

The InMotion S1 is a 500-watt last-mile scooter with a top speed of just under 19 mph. The scooter has front and rear suspension, which does add some weight, with the scooter coming in at 53 pounds. But it can support a 300-pound payload, which is great for taller/heavier riders.

It's currently on our Best Electric Scooters list. 


The Segway Ninebot Max G30LP is slightly smaller than the original Segway Max, with a top speed of 18 mph. This scooter is good for smaller riders and short distances.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The original Segway Max is more than a last-mile scooter. Not only can it hit a top speed of 18 mph, it can also be used for longer trips than your average scooter its size. 

It's currently on our Best Electric Scooters list. 


This is one of Segway's fastest scooters, with a top speed of 43 mph. It's not designed for people who live in walk-ups coming in at 117 pounds, but it supports a payload of 330 pounds. It has a gorgeous OLED display and is powered by dual 1,500-watt motors; depending on rider size, it can get an estimated travel range of 53 miles.

Joseph Kaminski

The Droyd Weeler is for kids 6 to 12 years of age. No peddling here, It comes with two keys, one for the ignition and the other to lock the speed. By default, using the throttle, the bike will go up to 6 mph; once your little one gets more comfortable, you can switch it to 10 mph. There's also a model for kids 13 years and up, with a top speed of just under 13 mph.

Joseph Kaminski

The Zipboard visually resembles the Onewheel, but it has two. Its target market is kids 6 years old and up. The board has a top speed of 7 mph, so helicopter parents can easily keep up. It has built-in features to shorten the learning curve and cool lights. The steering mechanics, for the most part, are similar to a hoverboard.

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Electric scooter FAQ

How fast do electric scooters go?

Most models are what we'd call last-mile scooters -- they're for short trips and rarely have suspension. They have a smaller deck and wheels and can go from 15 to 25 mph, depending on the model. Some larger scooters have bigger wheels, bigger batteries and shocks, and can go more than 40 mph. 

Do I need a driver's license to ride an electric scooter?

No, but note that this applies to electric scooters, not mopeds. The rule is that if it has a VIN, it has to be registered and you need a driver's license (depending on what state you live in). Electric scooters can be used on bike paths but can't exceed local speed limits. For example, in New York that's 15 mph.

What's a last-mile scooter?

It's an electric scooter designed for short-distance transportation, typically covering the "last mile" of a person's journey. This refers to the final leg of a trip, such as commuting from a train station to an office or navigating through crowded urban areas. Last-mile scooters are lightweight, portable and often foldable, allowing users to easily carry them when they aren't in use. They're popular for their convenience, eco-friendliness and ability to navigate congested city streets quickly.

Why should I buy an electric scooter over an e-bike?

Scooters are easier to store and easier to bring on a bus or train. Last-mile scooters tend to weigh around 26 to 40 pounds, and with the collapsible handle, they're much easier to tote around. For example, in Manhattan, many establishments will let you bring a scooter inside, whereas no bicycles are allowed.