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Porsche explains brake squeal with informative video, says deal with it

In the German engineering equivalent of Reddit’s “Explain Like I’m Five,” Porsche tells its owners to stop worrying about noisy brakes and enjoy their fancy sports car.

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Porsche fits its sports cars with some of the best braking systems in the automotive world. Even its entry-level steel rotor setup on a base-model 911 would shame most full-blooded race cars of a decade ago but, like race brakes, they tend to make noise during normal operation. Porsche is apparently really tired of hearing over-monied enthusiasts whine about their squealing brakes so it made this helpful video to explain exactly why people should shut the h*ck up.

Sports car owners, as well as lazy automotive journalists, like to bandy about the phrase "like a race car for the road," and because of this, manufacturers of sports cars continue to push the envelope of their vehicles ever closer to the hardcore end of the spectrum. This has resulted in a whole collection of new and vaguely calamitous sounds becoming apparent like brake squeal and single-mass flywheel rattle, and if we want to continue driving awesome cars with god-like abilities, then we need to learn to shut up and deal with it.