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Porsche creates EV battery joint venture and prepares new factory

Porsche teamed up with CustomCells to create Cellforce Group, with a mission to build high-performance battery cells.

Porsche Taycan battery
High-performance batteries mean high-performance EVs, right?

Increasingly, automakers want to bring battery production closer to home, as battery-making joint ventures begin popping up left and right. Porsche on Monday became the latest to found a JV operation in Cellforce Group, a company made up of Porsche and battery firm CustomCells. 

Development of the new high-performance batteries will take place at Porsche's grounds in Weissach, Germany, but the JV will soon announce a location for a brand-new factory to build the future batteries. Neither company spoke to the final selection, though Porsche said Tübingen is on the shortlist. The city, in southern Germany, will also be home to Cellforce Group's headquarters.

"The battery cell is the combustion chamber of the future. As a new Porsche subsidiary, the Cellforce Group will be instrumental in driving forward the research, development, production and sale of high-performance battery cells," Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said.

Truly, it sounds like Porsche is targeting some serious battery technology with this move. It described these upcoming batteries with silicone as the anode material for better power density and a smaller overall battery pack. With this engineering, the two companies predicted much faster charging times than today's batteries, thanks to reduced internal resistance. 

Neither company spoke to a timeline on when we'll see the first of these new battery packs, but Porsche said the plan is to hire workers for this new company through 2025 as it plots an even more electrified future.

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