Nerd out on Porsche's extensive color catalog with the Rennbow wiki

The colors, Duke! The colors!

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Porsche Club of America

The only thing longer than exhaustive options list is its catalog of colors. From mass-market monochromatic options to one-off, paint-to-sample creations, Porsche's colorful history is one of the most vibrant.

That's why the Porsche Club of America has created Rennbow, which launches Tuesday. PCA says Rennbow "will be the largest collection of Porsche images on the web, organized by color." At its launch, the site has nearly 1,080 images of Porsches in more than 500 colors. But it's not just a collection of pretty pictures.

Porsche Rennbow
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Porsche Rennbow
Porsche Club of America

Rennbow acts as a sort of wiki for Porsche's historical paint catalog, with individual entries for each color. These entires detail the models available in each color and which years they were offered, as well as the German translation of the color name, Porsche's internal paint code and a rating of just how rare the hue is. Users will be allowed to submit their own photos in order to expand the catalog, and PCA says Rennbow will offer "color-related content ranging from blog posts to feature stories."

"We think it will be a great resource for anyone who wants to research a Porsche color, or just be entertained by the diversity and the sheer scope of the Porsche palette over the last seven decades," Rob Sass, PCA's content director, said in a statement.

Rennbow isn't just for PCA members, either -- it's a free service for any Porsche enthusiast. So if you'll excuse us, we've got a catalog to peruse.

Taste the Rennbow with Porsche Club of America's historic color wiki

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