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Pioneer demos in-car WiMax media streaming

Pioneer has developed the Network AV Playback System for Mobile, a system that uses WiMAX to bring home network streaming to the vehicle.

illustration of WiMax to car streaming.

No matter how much storage space your PMP holds, there will inevitably come a time when it's just not enough. Pioneer is hoping to skirt the issue with its Network AV Playback System for Mobile, which lets users leave their media library on their home network and stream content into a moving vehicle using WiMax.

Many users are already familiar with the idea of a networked home server, a central repository for all of a household's digital media. The Network AV Playback System for Mobile uses "Community WiMax," which is starting to see more and more widespread use, to stream multimedia content stored on a home network's server to an in-car device, such as the portable navigation device seen in the video below.