Pioneer debuts new NEX car audio receiver with modular screen at CES

Modern vehicles don't always have space for a car stereo install, so Pioneer is going modular with its next generation.

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Pioneer DMH-WC5700NEX

Installing an aftermarket radio just got easier.

Pioneer Electronics

Pioneer's NEX family of in-dash receivers takes modularity to the next level at CES 2021 this week with the debut of the DMH-WC5700NEX, which separates its LCD touchscreen from the main head-unit for more flexible installation in modern cars.

After years of tinkering with and installing car stereo systems, I take for granted that there will be space behind a vehicle's dashboard for the standard DIN-sized (or double-DIN) receiver install. But as cabin tech becomes better integrated inside new cars, today's automakers don't always see the need to leave room for an aftermarket stereo. That has left car audio enthusiasts without an obvious upgrade path, forcing Pioneer to get creative with the next modular iteration of its NEX receiver family.

The DMH-WC5700NEX -- jeez, these model numbers are getting unwieldy -- features a 6.8-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen that mounts on the dashboard with a trim kit like any other car stereo receiver. It's only about as thick as a chunky tablet -- which allows for easy installation in vehicles that cannot accept a traditional aftermarket in-dash receiver, for example the new Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.

Pioneer DMH-WC5700NEX

It's much simpler than you think.

Pioneer Electronics

The main control unit connects to the touchscreen with a single cable and can be hidden away deep in the dashboard, center console, under a seat or wherever there is space. Depending on how far away you plan on mounting the main box, the purchase of a separate extension cable may be required.

Being a modern NEX receiver, the DMH-WC5700NEX features the full complement of features we've come to expect of this lineage. That includes high-fidelity audio playback, wired and wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, Amazon Alexa, HD radio tuning and a flexible, customizable interface. The unit can also be upgraded with an add-on SirusXM satellite radio tuner and rear camera system.

Pricing and availability haven't yet been announced, so stay tuned for more details and updates as they emerge. Pioneer also debuted a new and ridiculously compact micro-subwoofer for cars at CES, so maybe to check that out in the meantime.