Photos: Brabus Tesla Roadster packs warp drive

Tuning specialist Brabus -- producers of souped-up versions of cars from Mercedes, Smart et al -- has announced it will produce an enhanced version of the electric sports car

Rory Reid
2 min read

German tuning specialist Brabus -- producer of souped-up versions of cars from Mercedes, Smart et al -- has announced it will build an enhanced version of the Tesla Roadster electric sports car. As if the standard Tesla wasn't enhanced enough.

Our favourite mod is the new 'space sound generator', which lets passengers select from a variety of simulated engine sounds that increase in volume the faster you drive. Options include a V8 engine, an F1-style racing car or -- best of all -- futuristic 'beam' and 'warp' sounds.

Other changes are merely cosmetic. The Brabus Tesla Roadster has a new matte-white paint job, which is a smart change from the standard glossy finish. The front grille now houses a set of LED running lamps like you get on an Audi R8, and there's a set of under-body neon lights, like you get on an Essex boy-racer's Ford Escort XR3i. There's a new rear spoiler and rear diffuser combo too. The wheels have also been updated -- Brabus has installed 18 inchers at the front and 19s at the rear, an inch larger than the standard car's at both ends.

The Brabus Tesla Roadster makes its debut at the Essen Motor Show in Germany in late November. We'll update this story with pricing and availability info when we have it. Have a look at the pictures and mop up the drool when you're done.

We put this picture up because we thought you'd like to see it from the rear. You're welcome.

Here's a closer shot of the rear spoiler and the lower diffuser. They're very racey, and might add extra downforce, but we think we prefer the original.

Bigger wheels + neon lights = more props in the hood. Brabus knows this, so it's added 18-inch rims at the front, 19s at the rear, and eerie blue lights underneath.

Brabus' attention to detail means the power inlet is lit, too.

The Brabus Tesla Roadster's interior matches the exterior. Good stuff.