Partisan One is a bombproof SUV with a 100-year warranty

Can't make it ugly-stick-proof, though.

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Partisan Motors

You can build all the high-tech war machines you want, but if you can't deploy them to the battlefield quickly and efficiently, they're not worth much. That's the idea behind this ridiculous SUV.

The Partisan One is the brainchild of Dr. Juri E Postnikov, a Russian engineer who founded Partisan Motors. He believes his SUV is "the best car for the world's worst roads," meant to be deployed quickly to wherever it's needed. Its simple design makes for easy assembly -- several of these can fit, flat-pack-style, into a shipping container.

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It looks like the wheels could use a bit more articulation if it really wants to tackle the tough stuff.

Partisan Motors

It looks less like a vehicle and more like something that came out of a shed, but the SUV you see won't probably be the same once it's on the battlefield. All those recesses are built so users can add armor plating as necessary, based on the ute's purpose. V-shaped armor under the body could make it a bit more bombproof, too.

Partisan claims that, with a modern diesel engine under the hood and some large fuel tanks on board, the Partisan One could have a range between about 600 and 900 miles. That said, it also makes the point that the SUV could be fitted with any kind of propulsion, from diesel to fully electric. It sounds like Partisan Motors won't be the ones supplying those powertrains, though.

The questions don't end with the powertrain. Partisan Motors makes a lofty claim that its vehicle could withstand 50 years or more in military use without requiring a replacement. Even crazier is the fact that "the entire car in addition to its wearing parts" is covered by a 100-year warranty. Considering that's nearly the entire length of time that Ford has existed, you'll have to take that warranty with a grain of salt.

Partisan One is a flatpack SUV that looks pretty ridiculous

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