Parkmobile now shows on-street parking availability

It'll work in over 100 cities across the US.

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may have acquired the Parkmobile street-parking app, but that doesn't mean its latest innovation will only be available to Bimmer buyers.

Parkmobile announced that its app now shows on-street parking availability. More than 100 cities across the US will be able to see how jammed up a specific street is, preventing folks from wasting more time than necessary hunting for a spot.

Parkmobile is primarily a parking payment app. If you're in an eligible location, you can pay for your parking right from your phone -- no meters or kiosks necessary, although they're generally still available as well. The first city I moved to in Michigan (Ferndale) uses it, and as a very lazy person, it's quite nice to re-up the meter remotely from a restaurant or shop.

There's only one real bummer about this new feature. It's only a part of Parkmobile Pro, which costs $0.99 per month, as opposed to the free standard app. The pro version offers discounts on fees, roadside assistance and occasional special offers, so if you use it a bunch, perhaps it's worth it.

BMW acquired Parkmobile in January after originally taking a minor stake in 2014. BMW has added Parkmobile capability to its iDrive infotainment system, so you don't even need to pull out a phone to get your parking squared up.

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