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Oh. Canada? Aston Martin chooses Toronto for hypercar debut

Oh. Canada? Aston Martin chooses Toronto for hypercar debut

Aston Martin

Aston Martin and Red Bull built one hell of a hypercar concept, and it'll be shown off in North America for the first time... in Canada.

The AM-RB 001 will mark its global auto show debut and its first appearance in North America at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto later this month. It was first shown off in the UK in July 2016.

What's especially amazing is the car's ability to generate massive downforce without the use of gargantuan, garish wings.

Aston Martin

This new hypercar marks Red Bull's first foray into road car development, under the supervision of car-design ├╝bermensch Adrian Newey. It perfectly straddles the line between the road and the track, sporting a carbon fiber construction, an Aston Martin-sourced V12 mounted in the middle and a power-to-weight ratio that should make nearly every other road car blush.

What you'll see in Toronto won't be a production model, though -- it's just a full-size concept. Production has not yet started on the AM-RB 001, and deliveries aren't slated to begin until 2018. When it starts, though, it'll be built in the UK, at the same plant where Aston Martin's One-77 supercar was put together.

2017 and 2018 will prove to be interesting years for the fledgling hypercar segment. Aston Martin's creation won't be the only barely-road-legal vehicle to hit the road. Mercedes-AMG is hard at work on a hypercar that will take a whole bunch of Formula 1 technology and adapt it to a limited-production (and very, very expensive) road car. It's believed that Mercedes' latest offering won't break cover until the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year.

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