Some maniac took a stock car (think NASCAR) to the Nurburgring

And he's now our personal hero.

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Kyle Hyatt
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In one of my favorite pieces of (relatively) recent automotive journalism, Sam Smith from Road & Track lapped a very, very cheap ex-NASCAR stock car around Road America and had wildly positive things to say about the experience.

Given that ex-stock cars are plentiful and very, very cheap, I've been wondering when I'd start seeing them in more unnatural places -- until today, when I stumbled onto this video from YouTube channel BridgeToGantry that has an older, "Late Model" stock car lapping Germany's famed Nurburgring. Needless to say I clicked faster than the speed of sound.

Now, the video is mislabeled as "REVIEW: Driving a NASCAR* on the Nurburgring" which sharp-eyed viewers will know isn't exactly right. Rather than being a proper Winston/Sprint/Monster Energy Cup car, this is a lower-class Late Model stock car. It's similar, though, in its technology, making use of a big old American V8 that revs much higher than you'd expect, a four-speed Jericho transmission and a live rear axle.

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Not exactly a Winston Cup car but definitely not fooling around either.

BridgeToGantry via YouTube

It doesn't have the screaming, epic Roush-Yates crate motor that you'd get in a top-tier stock car and as such is down around 300hp, but given how hairy the Nurburgring can be even in a car with modern suspension and electronics, we're not going to fault this car's owner.

This is a hilarious way to spend a Sunday morning, so kick back in your bunny slippers with your World's Best Cat Dad mug (everyone has one of those, right?) and turn your computer speakers way up.

You're welcome.

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