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Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept barks up the right tree

You know it's a great concept when the animals get a better setup than the humans do.

I know a fair few humans who treat their dogs better than other people. The Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept is the perfect crossover for that ilk.

Built on a Nissan X-Trail, which is similar to our US-market Rogue, the 4Dogs concept puts the fur babies first. The cargo area has been reimagined as a palace fit for Poochie. There's a no-spill water bowl, a "smart" dog treat dispenser, a harness hook (safety first!) and a cushy little bed.

If you're a fan of cats, you're on the wrong page, bub.


Did I mention that the whole thing is lined in leather, too? After you've tried to remove dog hair from cloth seats, you'll see why leather is the preferred interior trimming.

More adventurous dogs won't have trouble getting out, thanks to a built-in ramp. If your furry friend gets a little dirty on an excursion, there's a pull-out shower and dryer setup available to wash and dry the dog with. There's also an integrated drying system that brings additional warm air into the cargo area.

Storage areas abound. There's a utility drawer that easily hides the attachments for the shower and dryer. Side compartments ensure treats stay uneaten and waste bags are always at the ready.

For the humans that have greater separation anxiety than their furry friends, there's a whole new camera system. Using the infotainment screen and a separate 10-inch screen mounted in the cargo area, owner and pet can use cameras to monitor and talk to one another, although I imagine the human will probably do most of the talking.

The only real part of the concept that you can buy, sadly, is the dog guard that adds an extra layer of protection between the second row and the cargo area. However, there's nothing stopping you from heading down to your local customization shop and making your own little puppy palace.