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Nissan's Teatro For Dayz concept car is a rolling Facebook page

Nissan's small car concept at the Tokyo Motor Show features exterior screens and an interior projector system that makes it a powerful social media device.


TOKYO -- The Tokyo Motor Show is always good for a few whimsical, well-outside-the-box concepts, and Nissan has delivered in fine fashion with its spectacularly named Teatro For Dayz show car.

The Japanese auto industry has long been battling waning interest among young consumers who seem more interested in social media and gadgetry than they are new cars, so it makes sense that this concept comes from Nissan. This electric minicar has been designed for what the company calls "share natives," a growing group for whom "excitement comes not from ownership of material objects, but from using things to connect with friends and share enjoyment," says Nissan.

To that end, the TFD has driver-configurable LED screens on all four sides that can be used to display photos or messages to the outside world. Inside, it has an Apple-esque pristine white cabin onto which all manner of images and information can be projected. Want animal print on your seats? Done. Psychedelic swirls? No problem.


If your taste runs to animal prints, the Teatro For Dayz has you covered.

In addition, the concept's entire dashboard is a blank canvas, and can be reconfigured to show various drive modes, photos from the onboard camera, weather forecasts, satellite navigation routes, or even a video game. This Nissan is a veritable rolling mood ring.

Nissan hasn't released anything in the way of powertrain specifics for the Teatro for Dayz, but given the car's urban-minded social-media mission, they almost seem beside the point.