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Nissan's Smokin' Titan brings heat and meat to NTEA show

If you liked the Nissan Titan before and you're not a vegetarian, you're going to love the Smokin' Titan.


Nissan is no stranger to building weird show vehicles to try and sell cars and trucks, yet they have managed to outdo themselves once again, this time with smoky meat.

To get people's mouths watering for the new Titan, Nissan commissioned the first fully integrated in-truck-bed smoker and mobile kitchen and debuted it at the NTEA Work Truck show in Indianapolis. They're calling it the "Smokin' Titan." Franklin BBQ it isn't, but still, conceptually, it's not the dumbest thing ever (Lexus, we're looking at you and your Sriracha car for that title).

The Nissan Smokin' Titan is a 4x4 meat smoker and mobile kitchen all in one.


"With its available innovative bed features, lockable TITAN boxes, Rockford Fosgate premium audio system and luxurious interior, the TITAN XD is a fantastic tailgating truck as is," said Billy Hayes, division vice president, LCV and Trucks for Nissan North America. "But the incredible enhancements made to convert a stock TITAN into the Smokin' TITAN -- a built-in smoker, stove and spice rack -- make it a dream for those who love to spend time with friends and family smoking meat, as I do myself."

Six gas burners and three Brazilian wood cutting boards means there room for lots of cooks in this kitchen.


To build this carnivore's delight, Nissan started with a Titan XD King Cab with a gasoline-powered engine. It then proceeded to rip the bed off and slap on a custom-built trailer that becomes the smoker. A trick, custom flatbed made by CM Truck Beds forms the mobile kitchen part of the equation with fancy Brazilian cutting boards and a six-burner gas stove.

We support Nissan turning more of its vehicles into mobile food cooking stations "for science."


Nissan also specced a massive 50-quart ARB refrigerator and a 125-quart Yeti cooler as well as water tanks ensuring that the Smokin' Titan could turn up anywhere and feed hungry people. As far as regular truck stuff goes, it has big Nitto tires and extra LED lighting up front.

Now that Nissan has crossed this off its list of crazy show cars to build, it can go about building a pizza oven out of an Armada and make me happy forever.

We're pretty sure the smoker here doesn't have a C.A.R.B. exemption.