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Nissan gets with the times, brings Apple CarPlay to 2017 Maxima

Apple's smartphone connectivity software will be available on all Maxima trims, gets a small bump in price for 2017.

Being only a year old, the Maxima's still looking very good.


What do you do the first year after you roll out a new car? "Not much" is the usual answer, except maybe raise the price a bit. Nissan's done that with its 2017 Maxima, now in its second year, but it's also bringing some new things to the table, including two new options packages and Apple CarPlay.

CarPlay gives you access to a wealth of information from your iPhone on your car's infotainment system, nearly all of which can be controlled using just your voice. It's standard equipment on all 2017 Maximas, regardless of trim. Every Maxima also comes with an 8-inch touchscreen with navigation, so there's no real "bargain basement" infotainment option here.

There are also two new packages available. The Medallion package is available on the top trim, Platinum. It includes a spoiler, unique wheels, interior accent lighting, exterior puddle lighting and illuminated door sills. The Dynamic Package, available on the Maxima SV, offers nearly the same except for the puddle lights, which are replaced by side rocker moldings.

While you might expect an upgrade like CarPlay to come with a decent price bump, the Maxima's MSRP uptick is anything but pricey. Every trim, from the $32,560 S all the way up to the $39,990 Platinum, is no more than $50 more expensive than last year. In fact, Platinum's MSRP only went up $30, which is a bump of about 0.07 percent.

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2017 Nissan Maxima

Much like my current city, Detroit, it appears that nobody in Nashville knows how to drive.