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Nissan built a mind-reading Leaf

The car's system scans your brainwaves and uses that result to display one of 33 messages outside the vehicle.


If only our cars could read our minds, right? No more steering wheels or pedals telling the car what to do -- it knows, and it just does it. While we're not at that point just yet, Nissan's bringing us ever so slightly closer to a proper mind-reading car with its electric Leaf.

To showcase its latest (and, frankly, weird) innovation, Nissan strapped 30 EV first-timers behind the wheel of its special Leaf. Those folks donned headsets that measured alpha and beta brainwaves, and the users' "thoughts" were translated to one of 33 different messages displayed outside the vehicle.

As you might expect, the results are generally positive. For an interesting experiment, Nissan should adapt its system to a jankier ride -- a 1980s rustbox where half the parts are barely attached, say -- to see if its computers can pick up boatloads of hate just as easily as gallons of praise.