Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition is a good reminder the Z still exists

Hard to believe it's been nearly a decade, but she's still kickin'.

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The Nissan 370Z first entered the global market in the 2009 model year. Nissan's latest attempt to gussy up a sports car pushing nine model years includes a mix of unique touches and adjustments that affect the whole model lineup.

The 2018 Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition is meant to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nissan's iconic Z-car. The Heritage Edition will be available in two colors, yellow or black. Yellow cars get black mirrors, black body graphics and yellow interior trim. Black cars, on the other hand, get silver body graphics.

2018 Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition
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2018 Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition

No two bones about it, the Heritage Edition is handsome, if a bit on the "well aged" side.


And... that's about it, actually. The lion's share of the new bits here are actually changes that encompass the whole 370Z line. There are new headlight and taillight treatments, a new paint scheme out back and smoked-chrome door handles. If you opt for the manual, you get an Exedy high-performance clutch, as well.

The sole available engine for the 370Z is a 3.7-liter V6 that puts out 332 horsepower. A six-speed manual is available, as is a seven-speed automatic.

The 2018 Nissan 370Z, including the Heritage Edition, goes on sale as a coupe this spring. If you're in New York, you can check one out on the floor of the New York auto show.

Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition sings, 'Don't you forget about me'

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