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New Lexus TX 3-Row Crossover Coming in 2023

It'll be a larger, more spacious alternative to the three-row but cramped Lexus RX L utility vehicle.

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Craig Cole
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2021 Lexus RX 450h - front three-quarter photo
Enlarge Image
2021 Lexus RX 450h - front three-quarter photo

The upcoming Lexus TX will give drivers an option that's larger than the existing RX crossover.

Craig Cole/Roadshow

If you're looking for a three-row luxury crossover, you'll have a new option to choose from in about a year's time. According to Automotive News, Lexus will likely introduce its new TX utility vehicle sometime in late 2023.

A fancier version of the rumored Toyota Grand Highlander, which is expected to launch in the middle of next year, this three-row SUV should offer more interior room and comfort than the existing Lexus RX L, which was introduced for the 2018 model year. The new TX is said to compete with other high-end utility vehicles like the and , though it remains to be seen if a gussied-up Highlander can go toe-to-toe with those German heavyweights.

Even though neither of these vehicles has officially been announced, the upcoming Grand Highlander and Lexus TX are supposed to offer seating for up to eight, thanks to an available second-row bench seat. Expect some sort of hybrid powertrain in both models, though it's unclear if this includes a plug-in affair or a more conventional setup. The Toyota Grand Highlander and TX will be assembled in Princeton, Indiana at a manufacturing plant that received a significant investment of $803 million last year, an outlay that created 1,400 jobs.

2020- Lexus RX350 L - profile photo
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2020- Lexus RX350 L - profile photo

The upcoming Lexus TX should be larger than the RX350 L. 

Jon Wong/Roadshow

Little is known about these upcoming SUVs , though both are expected to offer a hands-free driving aid similar to GM Super Cruise and Ford's BlueCruise. A remote parking feature and a digital key, both of which you can use from your smartphone, are expected to be available, too.

With the unimaginable popularity of utility vehicles these days, it's a wonder Lexus hasn't offered a larger unibody SUV sooner, one that slots above the popular RX. Yes, this brand does have several body-on-frame options, including the massive LX and the somewhat more manageable GX, though these off-road focused vehicles have decidedly truck-like manners. Dealers and drivers alike are likely salivating at the prospect of the upcoming Lexus TX.

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