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NEVS InMotion concept previews the self-driving car-couch of the future

I sure hope you like working... all the time.

NEVS InMotion Concept

The same company that's attempting to resurrect Saab is also whipping up some pretty gnarly autonomous concepts.

Debuting at CES Asia in Shanghai today, the NEVS InMotion concept gives us a look at yet another company's vision of the future. Like most everyone else, NEVS' vision involves autonomy, loads of screens and chairs that swivel around to force you into doing even more work than you're doing now.

The future looks cool, even if I don't like the idea of being compelled to do work while on the way to work.


The exterior is proper science fiction, with covered wheels and a podlike shape that's more at home on the silver screen. Its massive doors offer easy ingress and egress for multiple individuals. The vehicle itself is, of course, electric, and wireless charging is on offer.

The main takeaway from the interior is its flexibility. Chairs can move about the interior to create a meeting space, or they can all recline so the occupants can catch some extra shut-eye on the way to the office. As with other new concepts, screens are built into the side glass. Users can take advantage of a mobile app that will allow control over the seat arrangements and interior lighting.

As the InMotion concept is both electric and autonomous, NEVS made sure to highlight the fact that it's perfect for vehicle sharing. When you're done with your trip, the car (pod?) can shuffle off to some other person needing a ride, creating an opportunity to replace several cars on the road with just one. NEVS envisions the InMotion carrying SAE Level 5 autonomous capabilities, which means humans have absolutely zero responsibility other than sitting back and enjoying the ride.

Of course, this is all the stuff of pipe dreams at the moment. We're still a good decade away from this level of autonomy, electrification and car-sharing capability, but it's good to see that so many different companies share nearly the same vision for the future -- one in which we're all forced to start work on the way into the office.