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Need for Speed: Shift drops the green flag

Need for Speed: Shift gets a release date and we feature a video detailing the upcoming racing sim.

Yes, dear readers, there are more than two racing simulators on the market.
EA Games/Slightly Mad Studios

Amid all of the hoopla around the battle between Gran Turismo 5 versus Forza Motorsport 3, we'd almost forgotten about Need for Speed: Shift--the NFS series' latest foray into the world of sim-racing. However, its recently announced release date of September 15, 2009, has jarred our memory and brought the scrappy upstart back to our attention.

For those needing a refresher, check out this GamesSpot video that outlines most of what we know:

While NFS:S' 65 cars and 18 tracks will have a hard time competing with the hundreds of cars and tracks that GT5 and F3 will bring to the table, having an extra choice on which to get our digital driving fix is always a good thing.