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NBA smart jersey lets you change team allegiance in seconds

An app changes the jersey from Curry to Jordan.

NBA boss Adam Silver changes the name and number on a jersey with an app.
NBA Twitter/Screenshot by CNET

Fairweather basketball fans might have it easy come 2038.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver revealed a smart jersey that can change the player name and number in a matter of seconds.

At an All-Star Technology Summit showcasing how the league might change over the coming 19 years, Silver used a phone app to change the name and number from Stephen Curry's 30 to an old-school Michael Jordan 23.

He couldn't change the color (so you won't be able to instantly blend in with any team) and didn't actually explain how it works, but it's pretty cool nonetheless.

The NBA didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on the technology used in the smart jersey.

Last week, the basketball league teamed up with Facebook to bring game recaps to the social network.