Navigon debuts 3 GPS devices, MyRoutes feature

The company introduces the Navigon 3300 Max, Navigon 4300T, and Navigon 7300T portable navigation devices, as well as a feature aiming to personalize route recommendations.

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Navigon on Monday introduced three portable navigation devices: the Navigon 3300 Max, the Navigon 4300T, and the Navigon 7300T. The trio also includes a new feature called Navigon MyRoutes, which aims to provide personalized route recommendations based on your driving habits.

MyRoutes works by recording and analyzing your driving habits, along with other data, such as day of the week and time of travel, to come up with the best route based on that information. The feature will provide up to three route recommendations, and gives you the distance and estimated time of arrival to your destination, also taking traffic, speed limits, and constructions into consideration. MyRoutes will display this information on a map to give you a visual overview of your options.

In addition to MyRoutes, all three GPS devices offer other new features. Here is a breakdown of each model.

Navigon 3300 Max: The aim of the Navigon 3300 Max is to offer more for less, and on paper, it certainly looks like the PND matches the description. For $199.99, you get a 4.3-inch touch screen, text-to-speech functionality, and advanced land guidance. The latter, which includes Reality View for exits and Lane Assistant Pro, is definitely a bonus at this price, since these high-end features are typically seen in more expensive models. The system comes preloaded with maps of the 48 contiguous United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Navigon 3300 Max Navigon

Navigon 4300T Max: The Navigon 4300T Max adds on to the 3300 Max with integrated Bluetooth for hands-free calling and real-time spoken traffic updates for life. The GPS also includes Rand McNally content, such as Best of the Road Weekend Getaways, Scenic Tours, and Regional Trips. The 4300T Max has a suggested retail price of $279.99.

Navigon 7300T: Last but not least, the Navigon 7300T brings together the Panorama View 3D feature, which we saw in the Navigon 8100T, and the Landmark View 3D functionality of the Navigon 7200T. It also offers voice address entry and commands, so not only can you input destinations with the sound of your voice, you'll also be able to perform various tasks, such as increase system volume and answer calls, by speaking to the GPS. The 7300T costs $399.99 and includes all the features previously mentioned, as well as Zagat ratings and reviews for certain points of interest.

All three Navigon models are expected to ship in the second quarter, and you can preorder the Navigon 3300 Max and 4300T Max on March 9 through various online retailers, including Amazon.com, Crutchfield, and CompUSA. We'll, of course, give all three a road test when we get them.

The new features certainly pique our interest, but we're just wondering if Navigon has done anything to improve its devices' GPS performance, since we haven't always been impressed by it.