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MyHyundai to bring brand-specific features to Android Auto

The app gives drivers access to information like vehicle health reports, local service centers and roadside assistance without having to use a phone or leave Android Auto.

Sadly, there is no feature that allows you to call both service departments simultaneously and force them to compete on pricing.


Google I/O is an auto show for the tech industry, in the sense that your social feed will become inescapably thick with tech news for the next little while. Seeing as how Google oversees Android Auto, it makes sense that there'd be some automotive news in there, as well. And there is, courtesy of Hyundai.

Hyundai just announced MyHyundai, an app that will exist within the Android Auto environment, meaning it's meant to be used in your car, with your Android smartphone plugged into a Hyundai equipped with Google's smartphone connectivity system. It performs functions similar to the Blue Link smartphone app, but since it's on your car's screen, it cuts distraction by keeping the phone tucked away during operation.

While it won't preheat your interior (you're already in the car, why would you want that?), there's plenty it will let you do through your infotainment touchscreen. This includes calling roadside assistance, locating nearby service centers, activating valet mode's geofence alerts and providing a monthly vehicle report. It will also track your drive and let you know how good your driving is.

Instead of being a complement to a more traditional vehicle-monitoring smartphone app, it's more of an analogue that removes the step of having to pull out your phone. If you can do it all using a screen that's close to the windshield, it could do wonders to help curb distracted driving. The app is only a prototype for now, but Hyundai hopes to have it released by the end of the calendar year.