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My Favorite "Clunkers": The Ford Pinto Wagon

In the second installment of my video blog series dedicated to cars notoriously regarded universally as "clunker" cars, I take a look at what some inventive mind did to a usually reviled American automobile from the past.


I remember being a very young boy sitting in the back of my grandfather's Ford Pinto and thinking it was a neat little car (albeit a little cramped). Eventually, I got old enough to realize that the Ford Pinto of the 1970s was a clunker of the highest order that was a grossly unsafe vehicle overall, and the Ford Pinto has never seemed the same to me.

For most of the least couple decades or so, the media and public have made light of the Ford Pinto as one of the biggest joke cars in American history, I have discovered that there are many car enthusiasts who love the challenge of turning lemons into lemonade, and the Ford Pinto has become a cult favorite of American restoration projects. This particular video takes a look at a late 1970s Ford Pinto Wagon being rebuilt and pimped out in pink, and it actually looks pretty cool both inside and outside. Who coulda ever thought that a Ford Pinto station wagon would ever look hip?