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Elon Musk delays Tesla's semi truck unveiling

We'll have to wait till mid-November to see Tesla's semi truck.

Tesla semi truck
Tesla previously released this teaser image of its upcoming electric freight truck.

10/06/2017 Update: Elon Musk tweeted that the launch of Tesla's electric semi truck has been pushed to November 16. In the tweet, Musk sites diverting resources for bottlenecked Model 3 production and increased battery production for Puerto Rico and other hurricane-affected areas as reasons for the delay. The following story has been updated to reflect the date change. 

According to a new tweet by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, we will have to wait a little longer than expected to see the company's previously announced electric freight truck. But unlike those folks waiting for delivery of their Model 3s, the freight truck unveiling is in November

Musk not only calls out a tentative date of November 16, for the unveiling, but also gives the location as Hawthorne, Calif., which puts it at the SpaceX facility where Tesla has previously held events. 

We know a little about this electric freight truck. According to a report by Reuters, its 200- to 300-mile range will make it more suited for regional deliveries than long haul. A rendering released by Tesla shows what looks like a modern tractor rig.

In his tweet, Musk is impressed with how it came out, calling it a "beast."

Electric delivery trucks, as fleet vehicles, have the potential to save their operators significant fuel and maintenance costs compared to current diesel trucks. They would also run much more quietly and not make communities suffer from sooty emissions. Of course, range and recharge times are still an issue.

Tesla's foray into the commercial trucking market could become an important competitive area for the company. Passenger car makers are already looking to give Tesla plenty of competition with new electric vehicles over the next few years.