Mitsubishi Mi-Tech hybrid SUV concept to grace Tokyo Motor Show sans roof

The Mi-Tech will sit alongside the Super Height K-Wagon concept, which as it sounds, is a really tall wagon.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Mitsubishi Mi-Tech concept

This is proving to be an interesting concept.


We had an inkling Mitsubishi had a roofless hybrid SUV prepped for the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, and now, the cat's out of the bag. Or the lid has been lifted. Something like that.

On Thursday, the Japanese automaker detailed the Mitsubishi Mi-Tech hybrid concept, though we'll have to wait to see the SUV in something other than a shadowy teaser. The photo does confirm this electrified SUV doesn't sport a roof, however. The name Mi-Tech comes from smashing "M" for "Mitsubishi," "I" for "intelligent" and "Tech" as an abbreviation for "technology." Ta-da.

Anyway, the Mi-Tech concept boasts a plug-in hybrid powertrain with four electric motors to create an electrified four-wheel drive system. Could this be the roofless, electrified Mitsubishi dune buggy of our dreams? Right now, it seems that way. There's a big difference between this plug-in hybrid and typical vehicles with a plug: There's no internal combustion engine.

What's the other power source, you ask? A gas turbine. Mitsubishi said this pairing allows the Mi-Tech to run in pure electric modes or hybrid modes, but never lose the smooth characteristics of a purely electric car. Hopefully we learn more about the wild powertrain when the SUV debuts later this month.

Mitsubishi detailed some of the cabin technology as well, which includes a "Mi-Pilot" system that displays relevant information across the windshield. The areas of interest displayed come from a series of sensors. The system can also operate the steering wheel and brakes, which makes it sound like this could be an off-road focused system.

Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon concept

It's called the "Super Height" for a reason.


Inevitably, the convertible SUV will be Mitsubishi's star, but there will be another concept on display as well: one very tall wagon. Quite literally -- the concept is named the Super Height K-Wagon. All the company had to share about the concept was that it promises extraordinary interior space for passengers. No word on the powertrain yet.

Both concepts will make their formal debuts on Oct. 23 when the Tokyo Motor Show opens to the press. You'd better believe we'll take a closer look at the electric-turbine-powered SUV.

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