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Mini offers canvas seats with Countryman

Getaway package for Mini brings in outdoor seats and a table, along with rainy weather gear.

Mini Cooper Countryman
The new Mini Cooper Countryman can be had with table and chairs. Mini

Mini shows it marketing finesse with a new picnic accessory package announced for the upcoming Countryman model. The Getaway package consists of two canvas and wood folding chairs, a folding table, and various other outdoor accouterments that stow in a cargo area hatch.

Mini Countryman Getaway package
Minis folding chairs stow in the Countryman's cargo area. Mini

The Countryman is a small SUV, not much bigger than the standard Cooper model, and is the first Mini with all-wheel-drive. Mini has been touting it as the model for outdoorsy types; some of the first images show it traversing sand dunes.

The Getaway package seems appropriate for watching the horses at Goodwood racetrack, or a summer day in an alpine meadow.

Along with chairs and table, Mini offers what it calls a Five-in-one Cover, which supposedly can be used as a picnic blanket, awning, poncho, or sleeping bag. For inclement weather the package also includes a parka and galoshes. Of course, everything is adorned with Union Jacks and checkered flags.

Bring your own croquet set.