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Mercedes trolls BMW on its 100th anniversary

To celebrate 100 years of BMW, Mercedes is offering every BMW employee free admission to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

Daimler AG

Saying that Mercedes-Benz and BMW are rivals is like saying the Hatfields and McCoys had a few small differences. The two have exchanged jabs in plenty of advertisements, but Mercedes-Benz took it to the next level as BMW celebrates its 100th anniversary.

To honor a century of Bimmers, Daimler (M-B's parent company) sent out a press release inviting BMW employees to visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, "to discover the complete history of the automobile," as Ralf Glaser, head of Mercedes-Benz Classic press, puts it. Shots fired!

To sweeten the deal, or perhaps to rub a little butter on the burn, not only will admission be free, but BMW employees will be able to park directly outside the entrance, also.

The first 50 employees to finish the museum tour will be offered "a Swabian specialty" that pays homage to BMW's iconic kidney-grille design. As we are not familiar with the culinary customs of ethnic Bavaria, we're not entirely sure what that entails.

While it's a bit of an adversarial gesture, what person would rightfully turn down a free museum ticket -- with the best parking spot possible, at that?