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Mercedes-Benz jump starts new EQ brand with Generation EQ concept

Mercedes' first electric SUV concept is part of its plans to produce a lot more electric vehicles.

Generation EQ, Exterieur, Studio
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Mercedes-Benz debuted its latest entry into the electric crossover segment at the Paris Auto Show today. While it's still a concept, the Generation EQ SUV is a preview of Mercedes' planned electric brand, EQ.

The Generation EQ has two electric motors on the front and rear axles, with a top output of 300 kilowatts of power. As expected, those motors put out a monster amount of torque: 516 pound-feet of it. 62 miles per hour comes in less than five seconds, and the range is 310 miles -- provided you can keep your right foot light on the pedal.

The interior features a 24-inch HD screen (take that, Tesla!) to display navigation and driving data. Buttons and switches are kept to a minimum, even on the multi-functional steering wheel, in favor of touch controls. The side mirrors have been axed and replaced by cameras, projecting the rear traffic onto displays on the doors.

To further distinguish itself from its gas-powered counterparts, the Generation EQ has distinct lighting signatures. The grille features an illuminated Mercedes star surrounded by LED optical fibers in electric blue, giving it a striking appearance on the road. The lighting continues on the inside with a welcome light signature that fades to blue as the driver gets settled in.

Mercedes-Benz will bring 10 electric models to market by 2025 and expects EVs to make up 15-20% of its sales by the same year.

The production model of the Generation EQ should look a lot like the concept shown today. It will be available within three years and priced similarly to the GLC, so think a starting price of around $39,000.